Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What? No candy lady?

Happy Halloween!

I have waited until the last minute this year to go get the treats for the trick or treaters.  I always wonder what I can get that will be a healthy choice that the kids will like.  It's a bit of a challenge.

I can tell you what does NOT work.

gluten free pretzels - I got a LOT of hard looks that year.
pencils - some kids liked these, right?
mini bags of popcorn - What?  no candy lady?
granola bars - what is that???
apples - my mom won't let me take this.

All major duds....

One year I gave out quarters, they did like that one - thank goodness we don't have a TON of kids.  We live on a dud street.  It's a lot of older people and they don't leave the light on for you.....  When you are the only house on the block giving out treats and then you give out crap, kids remember....

So, I'm going to head out to the store today and find something that will be a bit healthier and will also satisfy the kids.

I'll get Miss Mads her favorite fruit snacks and some veggie booty.  She doesn't eat a lot of candy anyway ( atleast not at Grumpy and Nona's)

Madelyn is going to be Rapunzel this year.  SHOCKER.... a princess!!

Last year she was a pirate!

Brian's advice to me:  Just get something that cleans up easily when they throw it back at you!