Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy and Tired! A good combo!

It was a Madelyn day yesterday.  Just thinking about it makes me happy and tired!  She is one busy little girl!  We played all morning, watched a movie, had lunch with Grumpy, ran a few errands and took a nap.  We listened to princesses sing and just talked.  It was a perfect day!!!

How could I forget that we worked on cars too???  I'll be you didn't know you needed a fish net to work on cars!

For the cooking challenge, I was short on time.  So, I pulled out my go-to cookbook for quick and easy recipes.  Luckily, I had everything on hand to make ranch dip!  Since it was leftover night, it added a GREAT touch to our soup!

The Happy Herbivore is a wonderful cookbook and I recommend it to all my friends, vegan or not!  

I've missed ranch dressing, so this really hit the spot.  It was tasty and garlic-y!  Perfect for our bean soup!

Have you made changes to your diet that require you to miss a food you love?  Have you been able to find a substitute?