Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lauren's day!

Today is Lauren's birthday!  Happy Birthday pretty girl!!

Since it is her birthday, we got together last night to celebrate!  On each family members birthday, I will fix whatever they want for dinner and whatever kind of cake they want.  Lauren, didn't go with the usual chocolate cake with cherries!!!  (YAY! something different)

So, we had grilled pizza's and cake pops!

Luckily, I have a cake pop maker.

Just takes a bit of time, but worth it!

Lauren enjoyed them!
Everyone did, I enjoyed 3!!

Since yesterday was October 1, it was the first day of 31 days of new recipes.

I chose the Food Matters cookbook and the Potassum Balance Broth.  It is really good for the adrenals and stress related conditions and general fatigue. 

All the ingredients

The finished product.  I will put it in the blender today and made it creamier.  But, it was VERY TASTY!

Got a new cookbook in the mail yesterday - The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbok!  Gonna find today's recipe in there!  Can't wait

It is written by Melissa Costello, a friend and   Tony Horton's personal chef.  She made delicious food.  I have had it several times and look forward to it!  YUM!