Friday, October 5, 2012

Liquid Sunshine Dance Party!

As I sit here this morning after my Tai Cheng workout, I am reflecting on this week.  It's been a fairly good one.  I am slowly feeling better, not as tired.  I'm a little crabbier than usual this week, but I am guessing it is just my body adjusting to the hormones and trying to get in balance.

 I'm trying to enjoy the Tai Cheng.  It's not that I don't like it, it is just so different from what I am used to doing.I'm used to jumping around like a wild woman, sweating like crazy and really working HARD.  Tai Cheng is SLOW, it is static poses, it is stretching/foam rolling/posture.  I'm trying to embrace the process and just go with it!

In my fitness challenge group, we are participating in the October Challenge.  I'm going to share the info here with you so you can join the fun!

We will follow the usual rules - Eat clean, journal your food/drink intake and your workouts, drink at least 64 oz water each day, workout 5 days per week, stretch/yoga one day per week post it here for an extra challenge and then the BIG CHALLENGE:

Week 1 - 100 pushups per day ( however you can get them done: toes, knees against a wall or counter. I don't care, just do them. Break them up into manageable increments throughout the day or do them all at once (showoff!!)

Week 2 - keep the pushups and add in 10 burpees and 20 bicycle crunches ( I know.... don't hate me!)

Week 3 - keep the first 2 weeks and add in a 1 mile walk each day ( indoors or out, treadmill or walking around your house, should take you about 15 mins)

Week 4 - keep the first 3 weeks and add in 20 tricep dips and 50 jumping jacks. (OH MY!)

Now, not everyone is at the same level, if you can't jump around like a wild person that is ok MODIFY, MODIFY MODIFY! If you need help modifying a move, please let me know and I will help you!

You have the info - will you USE it? Bwaa haaa haaa! (it is halloween month you know!)

I had a craving for carrot juice yesterday, so I enjoyed a glass of orange/carrot AKA LIQUID SUNSHINE!!! Paired that up with a little dance party for one and some cooking!  I had a blast and before I knew it my cooking was over!  FUN!

I've enjoyed the cooking challenge this week.  It's been fun to go through my cookbooks and find interesting recipes that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise!

Yesterday I had a friend coming over for dinner, so I made turkey chili and for dessert:

Chocolate Chia Crunch Brownies from Hungry for Change.  Be sure to check out for the video as well.  This is a GREAT book and video!

This was an interesting recipe.  I wanted to make it dairy free, so I tried it a little differently.  It did take a little longer to cook.  Brian thought it wasn't sweet enough.  He added a drizzle of agave nectar and then was in LOVE!  We were supposed to let it cool for 2 hours in the fridge.  That didn't happen.  It was eaten right out of the pan, warm and gooey!  It was more like a souffle than a brownie but I did like it!

Gotta get busy today - chiropractor and recipe to make this morning before we head to the lake!

What good, fun plans do you have for the weekend?