Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hard work is paying off!

Wow, it's been another busy day.  I started off waking up feeling refreshed, I LOVE that!!  Doesn't happen very often for me!!!

I had my shakeology - chocolate with peanut butter and honey

and then did my workout - Turbofire Core 20 and Stretch 40.  I love both of those.  I needed that stretch......

Then it was on the run for the rest of the day.  I had a dentist appt, hair appt and lunch with Brian and Nick.  I had the BEST salad, it was a build your own.  I ordered it with everything but no meat or cheese.  This is what I got!  Amazing!

I had to get one of my Turbofire workouts polished, it kept skipping and was annoying me, so I'm hoping that this will work!  I'll find out in the morning!!

Brian and I ran errands and I was STARVING, we got home and I had my fruit for snack and then I did my afternoon workout - Burn Circuit 2 from ChaLEAN Extreme.  I can't believe how much I was sweating by just lifting weights  - go heavy or go home!!!

It seems to be working, the scale is going down and I feel so much lighter.  YAY!  All this hard work is paying off!

Then I had my second shake for the day - Brian got to pick the flavor - big surprise - peanut butter and banana.....

I've been on the treadmill to get the last of my steps in and I have read my book, watched some football and been on a training call.

This wedding is causing me to get some things done and it is a good thing!  We are on the countdown!!!   9 DAYS!!!

Nick and Lauren:

Discussion:  How is your week going?