Thursday, September 29, 2011

Habit or Addict?

I somehow broke my laptop yesterday....  I have half a screen left that I can see and unfortunately, it is the wrong half.  So, I'm going to have to get it fixed.  Thankfully, it is under warranty, but it will be taking up to 6 weeks.  That is a LONG time for me to be without a computer, so instead of driving Brian crazy wanting to use his all the time, I'm going to get another one, then sell the old one when it is fixed.  Win, win!!  I may be addicted....

I went out shopping for a new one yesterday, but didn't have any luck.  I'll be back out there today!

One thing that popped into my mind this morning is that I don't get the coffee drinkers.  No offense to anyone, but I don't drink it and therefore don't understand the panic that Brian gets into when he is running low on coffee or his beloved creamer.  I honestly think he likes the creamer more than the coffee.....

The funny part about it is that Brian didn't even start drinking coffee until 2003.  We were working with the Project Graduation Spookhouse and it was COLD!  He was freezing and decided that since coffee was the only hot drink, he'd have some.  He loaded it up with creamer (french vanilla is his flavor of choice) and by the end of the night, decided that it wasn't too bad.  It's even funnier that when I was pregnant with Chase (a LONG time ago), Brian CRAVED coffee. I think it must have been sympathy cravings.   We did have a coffee pot, my Dad drinks it and we had some on hand for when they came to town, so Brian made a pot.  Now, I LOVE the smell of coffee, just can't stand the taste, it really smelled so good in our little house....  Brian took one sip and about choked.  That was all he could stand.  Now it is his drink of choice.  Thank goodness he drinks half caff!!  I think he'd be up all night if he drank regular.  He drinks a full pot of coffee in the morning and then usually has a large cup in the afternoon.  Guess that is how he stays going all day!!

I guess drinking coffee is like any other habit or addidction ( like mine to my computer), so please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it, just not my thing!!!

Do you drink coffee?  How do you like yours?  Are you addicted to your computer like me?