Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Detox is not fun!!!

Another day, another list of tasks completed.  Some were more fun than others.....

Workout today was TurboFire 45.  I really think those are my favorites (the 45's).  I get a great calorie burn and lots of steps and movement!  YAY!

I had my morning shakeology - almond joy, one of my favorites!!  You can check out my Shakeology you tube video for the recipe, deliciouso!!

Madelyn and I cleaned the kitchen, played outside with sidewalk chalk and we got to visit with Uncle Jake.  Always a bright moment in my day!! 

We also had a great time playing Santa bowling.  You just never know how the toys will be used. 

Don't be fooled, Santa bowling is hard work and tiring...... rest is needed

and freeze dancing is loads of fun

If you are unfamiliar with freeze dancing, it's just 3 easy steps.   We watched it on Special Agent Oso today and then had to give it a try.  It was a hit!

Lunch today was a salad with pumpkin seeds and balsamic vinagrette and a zena burger (or atleast my version of it)  1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1 egg, 1 veggie burger with balsamic.  YUM!

I remembered to take a photo after a couple of bites. 
I am so fighting sugar withdrawal.  This is a good thing, and a bad thing.  I have a horrible headache and feel pretty sluggish, but the good thing is that it will only last a couple of days.  I have let way to much sugar back in my diet so it is needed!!!

Detox is a b..... though!!

I took a bit of a nap this afternoon and it helped some.  Brian and I ran some errands and then came home to have our shake for dinner.

An old friend:  PB and banana!

Now I need to get on the treadmill to get my second workout done today.  I won't be on long, just enough to burn a few more calories and get the rest of my steps in.  I really do love my fitbit.  It is keeping me on track!

Fun photo of Nick and Lauren: