Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bill is 83 today!

We have had the best day celebrating Brian's dad, Bill's birthday!  He turned 83 today and I love that our whole family got together to celebrate and spend time with each other!!!

We started off at our lake house with appetizers, family photos and a little fun game time!  I have decided that when there is THAT many people, it's hard to get a good photo.....

We then went to Bill and Judy's house ( 2 houses down from our lake house) and had dinner and dessert. 

Bill wanted a big lobster and steak dinner and that is exactly what he got.  Lobster tails, steak, potatoes, corn on the cob, scallops, tomatoes, beer bread and of course, who could forget dessert.  Cookies, apple pie and pound cake with strawberries.

There may or may not have been some off key singing of Happy Birthday, a special wonderful singing from Madelyn - Happy Birthday to Granddad! and Bill loved every minute of it.

We found the strangest thing.  We have a big burn pile there and we saw something growing on it - PUMPKINS.  How fun.  Madelyn insisted on picking one to take home!  We are excited to see these grow.  I'm glad it's been too dry to burn.  Now, we have to see how many actually grow here.

  The pumpkin was a bit poky and Madelyn was a bit tired......

So, it has been another WONDERFUL, AMAZING day!  I truly am blessed!!

Happy Birthday Bill!!!