Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ch ch changes....

Well, today was supposed to be a day of cleaning and that didn't go, not that it  is necessarily a bad thing, but it is just a change to my plans.  It's a plan B day!

So today was more about shopping, getting things organized and taking it a little easy.  Yes, I took it a little easy and I'm okay with that.

Got up and had my shake - chocolate bee - I might have a new favorite, jus' sayin'!!

Did my workout - TurboFire 55 and then hit the showers.

I had planned to have the house cleaned today, but now it is being done on Thursday which is better anyway, so I got in the kitchen and made a couple of soups.  I've been making bigger batches and freezing some for later.  It's working well for me now.  Today was potato and broccoli.

So, lunch was a big bowl of potato soup and some triscuit crackers.  YUM!  No one else in my house likes potato soup, so I make it just for little ol' me!  I like it with a ton of onions and garlic.  The house smelled wonderful!

This afternoon I got a little office work done and then got to play with my Madelyn for a while.  She was in a mood and it was just better for her to leave pre-school a little early.  I'm not saying that she got in trouble, just saying she was a bit distracted.  LOL!!!  We played and she had a big snack ( her onies - macaroni in Madelynese)  Even though it was so hot, we played outside but had to cut that time short, so Santa bowling and hide the Santa had to take over.  She loves those nesting Santa's.

After Mads left, I had my dinner - almond joy shakeology.  A classic!  Drank it outside on the deck and read for a while.  Since then, I've been taking it easy and I'm thinking I'll even turn in early tonight.  I'm so tired.  A girl needs her beauty sleep, ya know?

I'd really appreciate a few prayers for perfect weather for us on Saturday.  We have been watching the reports and it started out with 20% chance of rain, now it's 50% chance.  We need the rain, but please not on Saturday....  it's an outside wedding.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing evening with your loved ones.