Monday, August 15, 2011

Layin' Low

It's been a pretty uneventful day.  Some days that is a good thing!  I'm just not feeling great.  Not bad, just not like myself. 

 Don't you just LOVE this? 

My foot is really bothering me today.  I find this especially odd since yesterday was a rest day and today was HIIT 15 and Scuplt 30.  Not as much jumping around as usual.  So, you would think my foot would be happier, but it has been screaming at me all day long. So, I've had a pretty lazy day today.  It will certainly show up in my step count for tomorrow and probably my calorie count as well.

When I don't feel good, I just want to eat carbs?  Do you get that way?  So, for dinner I had mashed potatoes.  They were delicious.  Really hit the spot.  I know I'll be back to normal tomorrow, thank goodness, but it feels like I'm trying to fight off something.  So, I'm laying low today and will hit it hard tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful night and even better tomorrow!