Sunday, August 14, 2011

got me new kicks!

Hey hey hey!  It's my rest day!

I think I might have taken the rest day tooo literal today!  I had great intentions of getting up and going for a nice, brisk walk with Brian, but he had other ideas.....  resting to him does not include walking.  So we loaded up in the jeep and took off for a drive.  The tops were out and it was a good time, we always have so much fun together, even when we aren't doing anything in particular. 

 I got on the treadmill for a little while, so all is NOT lost, but no walk with BP!!

I did manage to get a LOT of cooking done this morning!  Homemade spaghetti sauce is in the crock pot.  I made a small batch for me (no meat) and then the big batch for the fam.  Everyone is coming over for dinner tonight for a little celebration!

I made brownies - can't wait to eat them, from my new cookbook from one of my favorite blogs - Peas and Thank You!  Then look and smell delicious.  Hope 6:00 gets here quickly!

I added dairy-free chocolate and butterscotch chips to the top!

I also made, brown rice and quinoa in the rice cooker, soup and lentil stew.  I should be set for the week.  Brian is looking for a good meatball recipe, if anyone has one, please pass it along!

I got new kicks this week.  Not sure I'm loving the purple laces, but it is fun for a while.  I am so hard on shoes and just got my last pair about a week before the tornado hit, but I have used them like crazy...

Brian got me an early anniversary gift.  A new camera!!!!  My old one was perfectly fine, but it was OLD!  It was only 8 pixels and had about a 4x zoom.  I was eyeing the new ones and I think I might have started drooling a bit :)  So, now I have a new one.  I've been playing around with it and not really sure how to use all the features, but it is fun!  This one has  14 pixels and a 10x zoom and the ability to load straight to facebook and you tube.  Not sure I will use that feature, but fun none-the-less.

Since this is such a random post, check out this photo of my sweet babycakes.  I was the official "make Madelyn smile person" for her 2 year old and family photos!!

Didn't do my job for this picture huh?  Oh well, I know the other ones will turn out GREAT!

I think I've rambled on long enough and the kids are getting here for dinner now, so I'm off to spend time with the fam!

Discussion:  How's your weekend been?