Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fun Fitness Finds

I love finding fun things that help with my fitness, so I hope you will love it too!!

When I go walking, I never seem to wear the right clothing - you'd think I'd learn.  I don't have pockets most of the time and can't find a good place to store my things.  Keys, phone, ipod, driver's license, that kind of stuff.  So, when I came across the arm pocket, I was excited!

It will hold all my stuff and it is easy to keep walking.  My hands are free and I don't have to worry about my stuff!

I can use my ipod and phone through the sleeve.  Works perfectly!  Check out armpocket on facebook!

Hope you enjoy my fun fitness find!!

Today I had Madelyn!  We met up with Julie and Miss Olivia and headed out to the park!    It was hot, but we managed to suffer through it! 

After playing at the park, we headed over to Randy's to get a little nourishment - something cold to drink and ice cream for Mads!  The girls played at the house for a little longer and then it was nap time - we were worn out!

Then Brian and I met up with our friends for an early birthday dinner.  609 was delicious and we had a great time. 

Gonna be a good day tomorrow!!