Friday, August 5, 2011

Busy days!

Goodness.  I have not had a moment to sit down since  we have gotten home from our vacation!  It's been good, but busy.

The camper has been cleaned and put away until the next trip.  It may be a while since now we are going into the final preparations for Nick and Lauren's wedding.

But, Brian and I are already thinking about where we will head off to next.  I love our travel adventures.  We are thinking beachy....

I've been doing my TurboFire workouts.  This is my FAVORITE workout!!!  I love the music and the workouts change everyday, so I don't get bored.  LOVE IT!!  If you like to dance, love good music and want a fun workout, this is the one for you!  I had been planning on following the TurboFire 5 day Inferno plan, but with all the excitement going on around here, I've decided to wait until Monday to start.

We have Madelyn until Saturday!  We enjoyed our day yesterday and I'm so glad that she is used to being here.  This way there is no tears or being upset while mom and dad are on vacation!  My mom, nephew and friend came to spend some time with us as well.  I know full well that they are more excited about seeing Madelyn and I am perfectly okay with that :)  for now, Grumpy and Madelyn are starting the morning off with a little OSO and then I'm off to get my workout in.
I'm sure there is going to be some shopping today, a little birthday celebration for my mom!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!