Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elvis and a sunburn

Well, I'm still here, still not feeling 100% though.  I'm not sure what is going on, but just don't feel like myself. 

However, today I got up and did my workout - TurboFire 55 EZ.  Getting a little EZier, but I am just dripping with sweat after that one!  Love it.   After workout, I did a little cleaning up around here.  It's hard to believe that two people can make such a mess.  I used to blame it on my kids, I think it must've been me and Brian all along.

I was just getting ready to get in the office and do some paperwork (ugh), when Brian came home and asked me to go to Springfield with him.  How could I pass that one up, right?  So, he drug me out of here to go back to the manstore - Grizzly.  He wanted to get more supplies for his lathe and bowl making.  Now, he makes beautiful bowls.  These are a couple of the ones he made me on the old lathe

.I have seen the works in progress and I am so excited to see what he comes up with next.  I have an idea that they will be just as beautiful as these.

I've been busier today,  not as much sitting, mostly because my foot is feeling so much better today!  Thank goodness!  I think my new shoes are helping, not to mention the ice and massage!  That will do wonders!

Today is also the anniversary of Elvis' death.  I remember this day all to well.  I think I was 12, but I got one of the worst sunburns of my life.  I had been at the pool all day long, I'm not sure you've noticed, but I'm pretty pale.  I burn easily, even if I put sunscreen on, but back in those days, most people were using baby oil and iodine.  I didn't use that, but not a lot of suntan lotion ( I think that is what we called it back in those days....)  I was with my friend Jana Simpson and we were living it up at the pool until we got out....  so sore, couldn't hardly move.  Blistered and miserable, we rode our bikes home and my mom told us about Elvis and immediately put us in a vinegar bath.  I think about that every year.

You would think I would've learned my lesson, but nooo, I still got a bad sunburn this year.  It was 2 days after the tornado came through.  We were out working, it was cloudy and I wasn't thinking straight....

I think I learned my lesson this time around, no vinegar baths, but I still have the same lines, just not as pink anymore.  Geez.