Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fantastic Times with Mom and Virginia!!

What an amazing day today!  I just LOVE spending time with my Mom and she brought Virginia along and that makes me happy too!

We met in Tulsa to do some shopping for the wedding.  I can't believe that it is just a few weeks away now.  I think it will be here before I am ready!

I got a cute dress for the rehearsal dinner, some makeup ( who doesn't love shopping at Sephora?) and Mom got some cute sneakers.  (She's starting a new walking regime!)  Should've taken a photo.  Virginia tried on SEVERAL pairs, but didn't find her sole mate!!!

We got made over at Sephora by a super cute gal, Liz!  She was so much fun and we laughed our heads off!  Mom and Virginia looked beautiful!  And I got a birthday present from them too!

Of course, I can't go to  Tulsa without stopping at Super Target!  Another one of my favorite stores.


We shopped, we dined and we were glamourized and massaged!  Plus, I got home in time to watch Project Runway!  What a fantastic day!

Again, I need to pull the camera out more often.  I'll work on it!