Sunday, April 3, 2011

these boots were made for walkin'

Brian and I have been doing our best to continue our walks since our vacation to Savannah GA.  We walked so much there, we both felt better (after the initial soreness) and decided to continue our walking at home.  We've done pretty good considering his legs (motorcycle accident) and my foot (I think I might have plantar facisitis).  So, we have picked it back up and are walking the trails in our area.  We haven't done that before and are really enjoying the area.

Today we walked the Frisco Trail in Joplin.  I wish the scenery was as pretty as Georgia (it will be in time!) but I took a few photos:

We got almost 3 miles in today before Brian's legs were too tired and my foot was complaining :)

Walking is a GREAT way to exercise, I love adding it in to my fitness routine.

Discussion:  Do you have a favorite walking trail?