Friday, April 8, 2011

Coolin' off!

Today was such a random day!  I had Madelyn today, I have a BIG Super Saturday National Beachbody Event tomorrow and I've been meeting myself coming and going today!

I went to The Run Around for my walking shoes today (yes, I have 2 pairs of exercise shoes, one for my indoor cardio workouts and one for my outdoor walking). I felt like I had clouds on my feet when I took Madelyn for a walk in her wagon!!

It was so stinkin' hot today, but I love it!  I would much rather it be warm instead of cold, so I'll take it without complaint.  I was dripping with sweat when we got home.  Madelyn was wanting a drink.

Homemade Lemonade:

24-32 oz of water
2 lemons (juiced)
2 droppers of vanilla stevia

Mix together and enjoy over ice

Perfect way to cool off after a hot wagon ride

Discussion:  Do you have a favorite warm weather beverage?