Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Permission to Shop?

My foot is healing slowly. In case you didn't know, I am fighting plantar fasciitis. It's a long process so far for me, I like things to move a little quicker. I'm a bit impatient.

I've been stretching, icing and resting (somewhat). It still hurts on occasion, but it is getting better.

However, I am thinking I need to replace my workout shoes. Our shoes break down so quickly when we are exercising.

I keep 2 pairs of shoes going at the same time, this way I can  have one pair for outside workouts and one pair for inside workouts!

How do you know when it is time to replace your shoes?

Shoes have a limited life span.  Each step breaks down the cushioning and support.  Most shoes are good for no more than 500 miles!  This means you should be replacing your shoes about every 3-6 months.  Your weight also plays a factor, if you weigh more, your shoes will need to be replaced sooner. 

What are the best type of shoes for exercising in?

I've been doing Turbo Fire/ ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid rotation.  This means a lot of high impact, jumping and I've also been walking a lot as well.  I am using a cross trainer.  This gives more support on those lateral moves. 

The correct shoe will improve your performance as well as prevent injuries.  It is important to use sport specific shoes.

Walkers and runners of course, would probably choose running shoes.  These shoes offer more support where it is needed for your running.

Aerobics, high-impact, plyometrics and a combination workout (walking/running along with these) should choose a cross trainer.

Weight-training is pretty easy, just use a comfortable, well fitting shoe.

For yoga, I prefer to be barefoot and use my non-slip, toeless socks.  This way I don't slide around on the mat.

I don't have a brand that I use all the time, I just buy the most comfortable, well fitting pair at that time.  Of course, they have to be cute too!

So, you have permission to SHOP!!!  Go buy some new shoes!!

Discussion:  What are your favorite type of shoes?