Friday, April 29, 2011

I really lead an exciting life!

Yesterday was a good day!

Ran errands, got my work done, closed a couple of deals, spent time with Brian and we ended our day with a trip to Grove to see the in-laws.

Here's a few highlights:

Stopped by the health food store and found this lovely slice of heaven

WHOO-HOO!!!  It really doesn't take much to get my excited, obviously.  I've been wanting to try this one!

We went to the in-laws and I got a present.

you'll just have to turn your head sideways to look at, I can NOT get it flipped.
But it is beautiful!

We ended our day with a great dinner.  I had some very yummy gazpacho.  The walls of the restaurant were interesting and I thought this was a cool photo.

Wait until you hear about my day today ;)

Discussion:  What kind of excitement do you have in your life these days?