Monday, April 18, 2011

a pretty perfect day!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  Brian decided that we needed to workout and then get outside to enjoy it and soak up the sunshine while it lasted!  It is April Showers time you know????

He took the tops out of the jeep and off we went....

My best guy, good music and sunshine.  Doesn't get much better than that!

Not many clouds in the sky....

He even packed a cooler picnic lunch.  He wanted it to be a surprise what food he packed.  Not sure if the tape is to keep me out or the cooler closed, but we are a little redneck like that!

We ended up in Bella Vista AR.  We are thinking about taking a RV trip that way, so Brian decided we could go to the Visitors Center there and get some info!  We found a great picnic area and ate lunch and then took a walk!

It was perfect!

Starting our walk

Came across this guy.  Brian thought it would be best if I didn't sit on him....

Swans and ducks were on the lake

Tulips blowing in the wind (no we didn't tiptoe through them!)
Should've though!

We ended up walking 1.9 miles in 37 minutes.  Not too bad!  Got home in time for a little rest before our house guest got here and then enjoyed time with him and got to see the kids and Madelyn as well!

Today's weather is a different story.  Back to overcast, stormy forecast.  Oh well, they can't ALL be the perfect day!

Discussion:  Do you do random, fun things with your family?  What does your perfect day look like?