Friday, January 29, 2010

Reader Request!

I had a reader request asking if I would post what I eat. Well, here is yesterday's eats. I had a good day with clean eating ( I feel that I need to be meticulous with my eating when I can't workout!). Some days are just as good others are a little more snacky. When I am working out hard with Insanity or P90X, I am just more hungry.

To start my day I had Shakeology. This is usually what I have every day for breakfast. Occasionally I will have oatmeal, but most days it is Shakeology! If you aren't familiar with Shakeology, check it out here.
Lunch was beans n rice. I love having beans and rice. I know that I am getting my protein in and I use a brown rice and quinoa combo that is really tasty! I added red pepper, onion, Wholly Foods guacamole, Vegannaise, cilantro, salsa and mango! I did have a few blue corn tortilla chips on the side. I think I forgot those in the photo!

My afternoon snack was a corn muffin (from Alicia Silverston's Kind Diet cookbook - love it!) with some almond butter and polaner seedless blackberry jelly and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was made with almond milk and it was sooo tasty! I added a small spoonful of coconut creme to the top! So good!

Dinner was a stir fry salad. I just took whatever veggies I had in the fridge and stir-fried them in a little coconut oil. Served over spinach greens with a drizzle of "cheez" sauce. I made the cheez sauce from Ani Phyo's cookbook, Raw Food Kitchen and mixed it with a little water and nutritional yeast. I also added in a few raw sunflower seeds.

I was a little snacky in the evening, so I cut up a banana and added in a tablespoon of Nuttzo nut butter!

Nuttzo nut butter is sooo GOOD! It is a combo of valencia peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, flax seeds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. No added sugar and 50% of your omega 3's that you need daily! All organic and kosher. Another thing I love about Nuttzo is that they support 1% of the sales goes to Project Left Behind. If you are lucky enough to live in CA, you can find Nuttzo in many stores, if you are like me then you can order online!

Follow Nuttzo on facebook.

It was a great day of good food and no guilt! Do you feel guilty if you have a not-so good eating day?


  1. MMmmmm! Made me hungry just reading all that. The pics looked quite appetizing as well.

  2. It's nice to see a post about how you can (and should) eat actual portions of food and still be fit and healthy - heck, you even got sweets in there! ;)

  3. I love shakes/smoothies. My boss has a smoothie at work all the time. Maybe I'll have to try those shakeology ones sometime.


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  5. Whoops that was my deleted comment, I was logged in to the wrong account.
    I like beans and brown rice too! Your day of food sounds an aweful lot like mine, lol! Although I do indulge in the occasional treat like ding dongs and buttery homemade popcorn, and my favorite is Dr.Pepper (I recently made the switch to caffeine free so its not as bad, though we both know still not good:). I don't feel guilty about it as long as its only a little. What makes me feel guilty is when I miss a workout.

  6. Thanks for sharing - I will have to check out the Nutzo. I have eaten really well this week, which for me means I haven't snacked excessively. I do feel guilty when I overeat. Tends to happen mostly on the weekends, so I am going to try to be "good" this weekend since I had such a good week, food wise. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Got any good tips for loosing post pregnancy baby chubs?
    Guess portion control is key!
    This post makes me hungry :-)

  8. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your food looks good.


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