Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The ugliest shoes?

We are back home and it is good to be home!  I love going to the lakehouse and spending time there, but there is just something about being at home!

Yesterday was spent taking Bill ( the father-in-law) to the dr in Arkansas and then spending a little time with Judy ( the mother-in-law) and then heading home!  It was a good day, but like I said, I'm glad to be back home for a while.

After spending almost non-stop time with my beloved Brian, we needed a break from each other.  LOL!  So, Brian had a poker game and I took off with one of my friends for dinner, shopping and a quick massage.  Sounds pretty good to me :)

We ate and enjoyed it, then decided to walk around the mall for a bit.  We always seem to end up at TJ Maxx and being the purse-a-holic and shoe-a-holic that I am, we ended up looking for the ugliest shoes we could find.  Oh my, we laughed and laughed.

Here is what we found, not sure which ones are the worst offenders.....

It was hard to walk in some of those shoes.  We had a blast and it was a much needed break from reality for a little while!

This week's challenge is to get a 2 mile or 30 minute walk in daily!  Who's up for the challenge?  You don't have to walk in the ugly, high heels, unless you want to - that would be a great calf workout!