Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Good Read

I don't know if I have told you before or not, but I love to read!  I read all kinds of books and usually have a couple going at the same time.  Weird, huh?

I've always loved to read.  I remember reading in high school for fun, not something assigned.  Many of my friends just didn't understand it.  I love the books, the feel of them, the smell of them and I love watching the movie in my head.

I'm the type of reader that gets nervous if I don't have a few books lined up to read.  I have a library in my dining room and love that too!

Now, I love using my kindle.  Just the thought that I have MANY ( over 800) books at my fingertips and can read whatever I want at any given moment just makes me happy!  Oh and I just ordered the cutest kindle skin.  As soon as it gets here, I'll post photos.....

I've been known to read and workout at the same time...

I started a facebook book club and we will sometimes all read the same book and sometimes just talk about what we are reading, you just never know what we will be up to!  It is fun and I've found a LOT of new authors and books this way.  If you want to be a part of our group, let me know.  If we are friends on facebook - I can add you - if we aren't friends on facebook - why not????

Recently, I was approached to offer up my opinion on a book - uhm, yes please!  I just finished it and have to say that I really enjoyed it. (As a side note, they provided me with a copy of the book to read)

Dead End Deal by Allen Wyler

Here's the bio:

New Medical Thriller Tackles

Corporate Pharma’s Dead End Deal

"A wild Journey…cutting edge science, greed, corruption and political intrigue, you won't be able to put it down."’

--D.P. Lyle, award-winning author of, Hot Lights, Cold Steel.

“Dead End Deal is a medical thriller of the highest order, reviving the genre with a splendid mixture of innovation and cutting edge timeliness. Neurosurgeon Allen Wyler knows of what he speaks, and writes, and the result is a thriller that equals and updates the best of Robin Cook and Michael Crichton. His latest is terrifyingly on mark, riveting in all ways and a masterpiece of science and suspense.”

--Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong at the Break

“The suspense builds and builds in this riveting page-turner. It’s a skillful merging of the medical thriller and political thriller…Tom Clancy meets Tess Gerritsen!”

--Kevin O’Brien, NYTimes Bestselling Author of The Last Victim and Killing Spree

World renowned neurosurgeon Jon Ritter is on the verge of a medical breakthrough that will change the world. His groundbreaking surgical treatment, using transplanted non-human stem cells, is set to eradicate the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease and give hope to millions. But when the procedure is slated for testing, it all comes to an abrupt and terrifying halt. Ritter’s colleague is gunned down and Ritter himself is threatened by a radical anti-abortion group that not only claims responsibility, but promises more of the same.

Faced with a dangerous reality but determined to succeed, Ritter turns to his long-time colleague, corporate biotech CEO Richard Stillman, for help. Together, they conspire to conduct a clandestine clinical trial in Seoul, Korea. But the danger is more determined, and more lethal, than Ritter could have imagined.

After successful surgical trials, Ritter and his allies are thrown into a horrifying nightmare scenario: The trial patients have been murdered and Ritter is the number one suspect. Aided by his beautiful lab assistant, Yeonhee, Ritter flees the country, now the target of an international manhunt involving Interpol, the FBI, zealous fanatics and a coldly efficient assassin named Fiest.

Dead End Deal is a fast paced, heart-pounding, and sophisticated thriller. Penned by master neurosurgeon, Allen Wyler—who often draws from experience, actual events and hotbutton issues when writing—Dead End Deal is unmatched as a technical procedural. Its medical and scientific details can impress even the most seasoned medical practitioners. And yet, the technical expertise is seamlessly woven into a riveting plot, with enough action and surprises to engross even the most well-read thriller enthusiast.
A smart, unique, page-turner, Dead End Deal delivers.

I thought the book was well written, the storyline was believable and it sucked me right in!!  I found myself reading faster and for longer periods of time because it was so good!

Go ahead and pick up your copy today - you won't regret it!

Do you like to read?  What are you reading right now?  Any good recommendations?


  1. It's important to exercise the mind as well as the body! I love reading too! Although I had a "reading drought" that lasted way too long! I am back to it and I just read "Same Kind of Different As Me" ... Very good book! I highly recommend it!

    1. I agree completely, exercise your mind too! I'll check out your book recommendation!


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