Monday, July 9, 2012

Perfect Wedding Weekend!

Congratulations to Bekah and Nathan!  

We met up with Mom and Dad in OKC and just had a blast.  We started out at the casino and moved on quickly from there....aka - no mo money!  HA!

We shopped, I did NOT find the right shoes!! But I was okay with that, I just didn't find the right ones and rolled with the ones I brought.  I was a bit disappointed, but I managed :)

We ended up staying at the Colcord Hotel in the Bricktown area.  We have stayed there once before and it is a great place to stay.  We walked around in the heat ( and it was HOT!) until Mom and Dad couldn't take it anymore.

Land Run Statues

Brian and I wanted to go to the OKC Memorial after the sun went down, so we headed off - it's only 6 blocks from the hotel.  This is one of the best memorials, so peaceful.

Since Mom and Dad didn't go with us in the evening, we took them by there after breakfast and then went on the hunt for Dad a new hat.  Langston's had exactly what he was looking for.

Then we took off for Ponca City and Bekah's wedding!

Mom, Debbie and Pam

so thankful for the parasols...

Here we are at the wedding!

Mom and Dad

Thankfully, there was a little cloud cover to give a short break to the heat.  Don't get me wrong, it was still VERY hot, but we made it through!  The wedding was beautiful, Bekah and Nathan looked perfect and the reception was fun!

They did it!

Pretty centerpiece

with the beautiful bride

Mom, Bekah, Connie (cousin and aunt!)

On our way home, I definitely need a lime water.  I thought this was so funny, the geese were lined up like they were going to order one as well!

We had a beautilful sunset on the way home to end a wonderful weekend!