Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is it nap time yet?

Well, my computer bit the dust and is in the shop.  So, I am having to use the penalty computer, you know the one that kinda works, enough that you can use it most of the time, but really is a pain in the rear!

This one will not work with a battery, only plugged in, and it comes unplugged A LOT!  So, I lose a lot of what I am working on pretty easily.  So, I may be short and sweet here!

Not a lot going on around here, it's still hot, we are working and getting as much done as possible this week so we can take a little time off next week.  No special plans, just gonna hang with the fam!

I got my teeth tightened today and am enjoying a lot of liquid meals!  Trying to look on the bright side here.....

Mads came to play yesterday, we had a good time.   Hide and Seek is her new favorite game.

She cracks me up, she talks like a little adult.  She informed me that she really didn't like my shoes.

Mads - Why are you wearing those shoes?
Me - My sneakers?  I just got done working out.
Mads - I don't like them.  You need to take them off.
Me - I thought you would like them, they are pink.
Mads - They are beautiful, but I don't like them, take them off, please.

So, I took them off.....

When we were getting ready to go eat, this is the next conversation we had:

Mads - What are you going to wear?
Me - I guess my pants and a shirt.
Mads - Girls are supposed to wear dresses.  See my pretty dress?
Me -I do like your dress, you look pretty.
Mads - You would look pretty to if you wear a dress.
Me - I guess I'll pick out a dress
Mads - I'll pick it out.

I think we might be in trouble here.  Remember she is only 2 ( 3 in August).

After lunch we came back and got in the pool.  It was fun and she wore me out.  Is it nap time yet?

Brian and I decided on a whim to go to Springfield to pick up said computer ( it had to go to the computer shop after all) so I got online and found a new place to eat.  When we travel we try to pick a place that we haven't tried before.

Farmer's Gastropub was the big winner last night.  Just the name is intriguing, right?

They offer local produce, grass fed beef and British pub fare.  What isn't to like?

I had the avocado gazpacho and a salad, Brian was so inventive, he went with a cheeseburger ( we won't even talk about his diet lately).  The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was cool!