Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get to clicking, people!

Just a quick post today.  Pressed for time.....

I added my contact and connect buttons this morning!  I LOVE them and wanted to share with you how I got them done and just how easy it was.... for the most part.  Going to have to work a bit on the RSS button, but I will figure it out!

So I have been wanting to add these little jewels for a while, but blogger doesn't have an app for that, so I just looked longingly at everyone else's cute little buttons..... LOL!

I basically googled it this morning and stumbled upon the best instructions and she has DONE ALL THE WORK!!!

It's simply a copy and paste ( change the info to your own) and you are in business!

Check her out if you want to get the social media icons for yourself!   Greatfun4kids! She also has etsy, tumblr and flickr.  I don't have those accounts - do I really need one more thing to keep track of?  She has different designs of the buttons and the links are already done for you!  So easy!

One thing I have learned, I will never understand html. UGH!

I do have 2, yes two facebook links.  One for Feeling Fit with Dana and one for my Nerium biz page!  The content I post is not the same, so you can like them both!

Oh, Instagram was a little tricky, but I finally figured it out - you have to use a 3rd party application.  If you want the deets, just click on the cute little email button and you can let me know!

This is gonna be fun!

Get to clicking people.  Follow Me, Join Me, Love Me ( oh that may be going a BIT too far! )

Have a wonderful night and I'll just leave you with a fun photo from my day today!

Uncle Nick and Madelyn had a GREAT time in the pool!


  1. I really enjoyed your post Dana very informative thank you for sharing. I loved the pool picture!!!

    Success and all the best

    Andre Burks Jr.

  2. I will have to try this Dana... like you, I longingly look at those little buttons and wish I could have them too... lol. I will let you know how it works out:)

  3. Dana, I went there, they are now on my blog, thank you so much for putting the link in your blog. That was the easiest tutorial I have ever seen:)


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