Friday, November 11, 2011

Where YOU live?

Madelyn was here this week as usual, We decided this week to venture out and not stay home and watch Nick Jr or Disney Jr.  She would watch that all day long if you'd let her, so Bumpy and I loaded her up and went out for a little adventure.

We stopped by 17th St to check on the progress of the house.

  Madelyn's favorite thing to talk about these days is where things/people live.  I hear Where you live, Nona?  so many times each time we see her that I have started asking the same question to other people.  She knows where I live - Carl Junction, of course, and I love to hear her say it.  But, she has to ask about everyone and everything she sees.  Todd was there, her great uncle.  Working on the house.  Where Todd live, Nona?  Who he live with, Nona?  So there was a LOT of conversation.  When Todd came over to the car, she freaked out - started crying and wanted Todd to leave.  On Todd's behalf, he had no idea that Madelyn was even in the car, so he was just chatting with me until the screaming started.  He departed quickly, I don't blame him.

The minute he closes the door and walks away - Nona, where Todd live?  All is right with the world.

We also had a fun morning playing kitchen and jewelry.  This might not bode well for her future husband.....  She only wants "onies" (think macaroni) and peas.  I hope she expands her diet in the near future.  Of course, she LOVES jewelry. She wanted several necklaces, 2 bracelets and 2 rings.  Especially on Bumpy.

If you are wearing a ring, you are married.  News to you?  Not so much to Madelyn.  Rings are a MUST to be married.  She asked me who I was married to,  Who you marry, Nona?   I do have a ring....  I said Bumpy. She went over to him and asked to see his ring, there isn't one, and came back and informed me that Bumps isn't married.  News to me....  atleast she knows Bumpy lives with Nona in Carl Junction!