Friday, December 31, 2010

Feb Pinky Promise Challenge Recap

So, it is now the 6th of Feb and I have only earned 2 points so far.  I haven't really blogged about my workouts and eating, so this is the place I will be doing it!  I need some accountability and if I know someone is going to be reading what exactly I am doing, then I will do better than I have for the first 5 days!

Here is my plan:

Diet Plan

b - shakeology
s - recovery drink (after workout if needed) or fruit
l - carb meal
s - green drink/smoothie
d - protein meal

water - 64 oz per day

Workout plan

m - insanity workout
t - am - treadmill/running  pm - fit club workout (slim series for Feb)
w - insanity
th - treadmill/running
f - brazil butt lift or turbo fire
s - yoga/stretching
s - complete rest day (if wanted) or treadmill time

So, I am putting it out there and going to post here daily.  This post may get long, but I'll be staying on track better.  Hope you will join me in being accountable.  Remember, we have the challenge on the message boards.  Check in there if you want to help each other through the month!


I didn't want to workout this morning, but I pushed myself and I was sooo glad that I did!  Burned 138 calories in just the warm up.  This is NOT an easy workout!!!  I was dripping sweat by the end and completely DONE!  Drank half of my recovery drink after workout and added in some extra ice.  I needed it.  I was shaking all over!  My shower was definitely needed.

Meals have gone well.
b - shakeology
s - recovery drink (1/2)
l - veggie chili w/ beans and brown rice, daiya cheese and 1 tsp veganaise
s - green lemonade (SUPER YUMMY!!)
d - not sure yet, hoping Brian will want to go for sushi!

I'll be back tomorrow for another recap!


I had a GREAT day!  Got up full of energy and ready to get a good workout in.  Today is treadmill time and I was ready to see what I could do.  I ran for 30 mins (short warm up and cool downs) and went 2.2 miles.  I was pleased.  I think I will be able to do the 5K at this rate.  Keep your fingers crossed!  Then had fit club last night and we did Slim Series, Firm it up!  I am feeling this today.  My hips are killings me.  Those darned hip flexors.

b - shakeology
s - bowl of berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) with a drizzle of agave nectar
l - potato soup with pumpkin seeds and 1/4 avocado  - 6 whole wheat crackers
s - green smoothie (blue dino!)  YUM!
d - veggie chili over sweet onion pasta with pickles and onions, 6 more whole wheat crackers

water - 68 oz.

workout - treadmill and firm it up

Ok, so I'm really sore today.  I should've done Insanity today, but since I was so stinkin' sore, decided yoga/stretching was in order instead.  I'm okay with that!!