Monday, December 27, 2010

a big sigh

That is how I feel today.  Just a big sigh!  Christmas is over, I still have to put away the tree, probably will get that done next weekend and I think I'm done cleaning up after the big day!  *sigh*

We had a GREAT Christmas.  Our family is ever growing, but we managed to get a family photo!  I really love getting to spend time with my family.  Nothing better!

The Whole Gang

Our family

So, I am now looking forward to the new year!  2010 was a good year for us, many great things happened.  Brian got off his crutches and is walking fairly normally!  Nick and Lauren got engaged, I reached several of my goals, we traveled as much as possible and had a blast at just about everything we did! 

I'll be making my dream/vision board this week, I'm planning my workouts and my goals for 2011!  I'm going to be doing a FULL round of Turbo Fire.  I started yesterday.  It is one of my favorite workouts and I know that I will see amazing results!

This is my vision board from last year. 

Many of the things I wanted accomplished were marked off.  I did more yoga, I had more fun, we got a RV and traveled, I cooked more, ate healthy most of the time, spent time with family and friends.  I didn't run a 5K, I have tried running on several occasions and my knees just won't cooperate.  I'm okay with that.  I still can't do a pullup without assistance, and I don't have the body of my dreams - yet!  I know what I need to work on this year!

Make your own vision board, it is really easy, I highly encourage it!  Just cut out photos, sayings, anything that you like, whatever you are drawn to.  Then get a poster board and glue or tape the items on.  Then I frame mine and keep it on the fireplace in the family room.  This way I am looking at it daily and reminding myself what I want to accomplish!  Last year I was mostly family oriented after Brian's accident.  I was all about having fun and living life.  I'm not sure what this year's journey will be, but I know it will be good!  I'll be posting a photo of my new board as soon as I get it done this week!  I'd love to see yours!

Discussion:  Do you feel relieved when the holidays are over?  Do you use a vision board?