Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Challenge - pick your poison!

It's Finally Friday!!!  YAY!!  This week has gone by fast for us.  We've been so stinkin' busy, but I like it that way. 

In order to shake things up in your life, you have to change things up!  So for today's challenge, we are going to really change, are you ready?

If you are trying to lose weight, then we are going to focus on our workouts.

If you are trying to get healthier, then we are going to focus on our meals.

If you are trying to be organized, then we are going to focus on cleaning.

So, choose your poison and let's get started.

Losing weight:  we are going to workout as much as we possibly can this weekend.  I want at least 2 workouts on Sat and Sun - yes, both days!  I prefer that you space them out and if you want to go hardcore - then add in even more workouts. 

Over on the Beachbody message boards, we used to have weekend blowouts and do a workout every hour!  It was a lot of fun, we would log our workouts in WOWY and then post about it on the message boards. Great fun, great way to have a lot of sore muscles :) and  a great way to meet new people  So, go for it and really give it all you've got.

Getting Healthy  - let's shake up our diets!  We are going to eat as healthy as possible.  This means that you will not be eating any processed foods, only whole grains, fruits, vegetable and lean proteins.  You will also be drinking TONS of water. 

Getting organized - get your list and get started.  Do the thing you think is the worst thing on your list FIRST!  Then it won't seem so bad after that.  I'm going to tackle my office.  It is out of control, I've had it on my to-do list for a while now, so it is time to get serious about it.  I need to get caught up on my filing (I HATE to do it!) and then get it organized.

So, this is a big challenge for everyone.  There is something there for all of us to focus on!

Discussion:  What is your challenge going to be?  Also, would you be interested in a message board here?  I'm always looking to improve the blog and looking for ideas.  Any questions you'd like me to answer, please let me know!!