Monday, August 30, 2010

Fit Club Monday - TurboFire Challenge Edition

Another fresh start this beautiful Monday.  It's a clean slate, what will you do with your week?  I am going to have a full week.  I have Brian's dr. appt today.  This means travel, but we are hoping for a full release today.  Brian so wants to play golf again.  I hope and pray that he will be able to.  My birthday is this week, I will be 45!!  Hard to believe, I remember when I thought 45 was old.  Now, I know that it is means I am just getting started! 

Since my birthday is coming up, I'm going to do a TurboFire Challenge!  I would love for you to join me.  It will be farily simple. Do the workouts, take your measurements and weight, follow the food plan and get in the best shape of our lives.  I'll be taking my before photos as well. We are starting out with the Inferno Plan and then switching over to the food plan from there.  Even if you don't have TurboFire, please feel free to join in the challenge.  You can do whatever workout you like, I don't care, just workout every day and eat clean.  We will be posting on the message boards daily with our progress, any questions you may have and talk about anything and everything.  Check out the thread here.  Daily accountibility will help you get the best results.  We are not going to judge anyone,.  It's just a way to help each other get better results!

Purchase Turbo Fire.

"What positive things have you said to yourself today?  Acknowledge your greatness." - Chalene Johnson

Fit Club Recipe:

Turbo Fire Inferno Plan Sneak Peek:

Turkey Avocado Wrap
3 slices turkey breast (approx 3.5 inches square or 3-4 oz)
1 whole wheat tortilla (approx 70 cals)
1/2 tomato, diced
1/4 avocado, sliced
3 lettuce leaves or a handful of mixed greeens
1 Tbsp. nonfat Italian dressing

directions:  assemble all ingredients on top fo the tortilla and fold into a cone

I would change the turkey breast to either black beans or hummus.  Also, I would change out the dressing, using Annie's goddess dressing YUM!

Hope you will join me in this challenge.  If you have any questions, please contact me:  facebook, twitter or email.  I'll get back to you right away!