Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carb Lover's Diet

Today is a busy day, got my sweet baby, packing and getting some last minute work done before I hop on a plane tomorrow.  I'm so excited for my trip.  Girlfriends, learning and sharings ideas and info for our business, working out, eating healthy and having fun!  Doesn't get much better than that, oh, but wait, throw in the beach and it does!!!  It's a rough life, but someone has to do it!!

I was sent this book to review and I have to say, the recipes are amazing.  Of course, I am a carb lover.  Hello, my name is Dana and I am a carb lover!  I have tried the low-carb and no-carb thing and it just doesn't work for me.  After about 3 days, I start getting crabby and mouthy and looking for anything starchy to eat.  So, this book really intrigued me.

The Carb Lovers Diet is from the Editors of Health magazine.  Written by Ellen Kunes, Editor in Chief, and Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, Health Magazine.

The book talks about resistant starches and how it helps to suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, improve your mood, reduce your stress level and make you thin for life. 

One of the things I really liked about the book was that the success stories were real people.  These people were not losing 100 lbs in a short period of time.  They are losing 10 - 20 lbs in 21 days.  That is what works.  The weight will stay off.  It's a healthy way to lose weight. 

The Carb Lovers Diet contains a workout plan at the back of the book, the meal plan and the recipes and shopping tips.  It is do-able and it isn't something that you do for a while and then go back to your regular way of eating.  It is a lifestyle change and we all know that if you "diet", you probably will lose some weight, but it will come back as soon as you stop dieting. 

I really like the book and think that as soon as I finish the Turbo Fire plan, then I'll be trying this out for the full 21 days.  It is my kind of eating!  (there is meat and dairy in some of the recipes). 

I think if you are a carb lover like me, then you will like the book also!

Discussion:  Have you tried some of the crazy diets out there?  What were your results?