Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ask Me Anything - alcohol???

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One question that I get frequently is what alcoholic beverage can I drink while trying to lose weight?

The best answer is to avoid alcohol when you are trying to lose weight.  It is empty calories and there are a LOT of calories in the drinks.  But, I know that we all live in the real world and occasionally we are at a party or just want a drink.  So, here is my opinion on what to drink when out:

First of all drink in moderation always.  Keep your mind about you so that you don't eat mindlessly.  We all know at parties there is food in abundance, it is too easy to stand there and continually put
food in your mouth without thinking about it!

So, on to the alcohol!

I think that you should drink the clear alcohol.  It has less calories and is easier on your body.  Vodka, is the best choice of them all,  it is the purest of all the hard alcohols.

Brian's cousin, David, has his own vodka.  Here's a little information about his brand - Vision Vodka.  It is really smooth and very tasty!

The better the quality, the less impurities. Drink it straight or with water.  Of course, vodka in a bloody mary is always tasty!  I like to drink tequila when I drink.  I usually drink it straight.  Patrone Silver is my favorite.   I call it a skinny margarita! 

Red Wine is another good choice.  I am not a wine drinker, so I can't recommend a good red wine, but it does have a high anti-oxidant levels. 

Beer is another choice.  There are all kinds of low-calorie, low carb beers on the market.  Just choose the one you like best.

The best advice I can give you is that for every alcoholic beverage you drink, drink a FULL glass of water.  This will help you to slow down a little, stay hydrated (will help to reduce your chance of a hangover) and keep you fuller and not snacking as much!

I have been told by a customer that Shakeology is a hangover cure, so you may want to have a little shake the morning after!

Be sure to get your questions in to me and I'll get them answered.  Danny - the chicken came first!