Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stress much?

I think I have been under a little stress lately. I can always see it in my face first. I start by breaking out and then get a few red patches on my cheeks. I just hate it that my body responds that way. I have found some really good facial products. Dr. Alkaitis. These products are holistic organic skin food. Dr. Alkaitis has done extensive research and has come up with some amazing products!

"Health is the essential foundation of beauty" - Dr. Alkaitis

Dr. Alkaitis products help to:

1. Bring one's skin into a healthy balance that is unique to that individual

2. Maintains that healthy balance

Dr. Alkaitis products are different from other products because the products are biologically active, use living ingredients, certified organic aloe vera is the base of the products, not water, all the products are made in house, including the extracts. The products are never older than 2 weeks when they are shipped out. Of course with this level of standards, they also never test on animals. The products are gender neutral as well and the products have a one year shelf life.

I loved the organic herbal toner, the organic eye cream ,the soothing gel and the universal and flower masks. I liked the facial cleanser as well, but it does not take off mascara.

The masks really made my skin so soft! Even Brian told me how soft my face was!!! I am going to continue to use these products and see how my skin reacts when under stress and the good living products have a chance to work their magic!

The travel kit would be a great way to try the products, but I know that you will love them as much as I do!
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  1. My face has been breaking out lately under times of great stress. I get these huge blisters that won't go away and scab up and scar. I was using tea tree oil on them to get rid of them, especially after each surgery I've had recently (they really wreck havoc on your skin!) But do you think these products would keep my skin in balance no matter what my body's been through, and also during the week-long low-fiber diet I'm supposed to go on after each surgery


  2. Valerie - I really do think you would love these products. My face was broken out from stress and it cleared up pretty quick. I LOVE the toner!


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