Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Illuminate Your Life

I love yoga! It is so calming and centering for me. I have been hooked for several years now and try to incorporate it into my workout routine atleast a couple of times per week. It may just be a few sun salutations in the morning or a full blown yoga workout. I do like to know that I've worked out, so I like my yoga to be challenging.

One thing that you need when doing yoga is a GREAT yoga mat. I found Aurorae Yoga Mats and have fallen in yoga love!! These mats are extra thick and extra long (72") so that you don't have your arms or feet hanging off the ends when doing stretches. They are durable and it also has a great focal point so that you keep your neck in neutral spine and keep your concentration in line as well. This really helps to get the postures correct.

Aurorae Yoga Mats come in 5 different colors so you can pick the one that best suits your personality.

The yoga mat colors are:

Violet - Spiritual, soothing, calming, telepathic, healing, relief and meditative

Seamist - Soothing, renewal, intellect, nature, self control, gentile and harmony

Solar - Creative, inspiring, energy, compassionate, warmth, family and stability
Ocean - Relaxation, sedate, caring, cooking, spirit, trustworthy and attentive

Infinity - Strength, sophistication, professionalism, potential of endless possibilities

I have the Solar mat and love it!

The wonderful people at Aurorae Yoga have offered to host a giveaway!! YAY!! One of you lucky readers can win the mat of your choice.

Here's how to enter:
Go to Aurorae Yoga and tell me which color mat you would choose and why. Leave me a comment here.

Extra Entries:
1) become a fan of Aurorae Yoga on Facebook
2) become a follower of Aurorae Yoga on twitter

3) become a follower of my blog, if you already are a follower, just say so in the comments

4) become a fan of Feeling Fit With Dana on Facebook, if you already are, leave me a comment
5) tweet about this giveaway: I hope I win the @AuroraeYoga mat from Feeling with with Dana @Danamoritz

You must go to the Aurorae Yoga site and pick a color for the mat in order for the extra entries to count! Leave a separate comment for each entry.

Winner will be chosen on December 23, chosen by!

Namaste my friends!


  1. I need a psychadelic one because there are elements in each color that reflect my inner self. Violet and Seamist reach out to me most, then Solar and Ocean.

    Yoga makes me feel so good, I should try to do it more often.

  2. I love the Solar mat! Just beautiful and very calming. Namaste :)

  3. Oh that sea mist is calling me!

    I love yoga. I can feel such a difference in my day and my body when I take each morning to do my yoga.


  4. Oh yes, I think I already do your group on FB, is that what you mean by "follow?"

    If so, sea mist again!

  5. Hi, Stopping by from The Domestication of the (Once) Single Girl! I love BeachBody products - I have Slim in 6, Yoga Booty Ballet and of course P90x! ;) But I'm preggo with #5 right now, so the X will have to wait for a few months. I LOVE the Yoga Mats - I really like the Solar one too - seems very motivating!

  6. And I'm now following your blog! :)

  7. I did some prenatal yoga while I was pregnant and loved it! The Solar mat is beautiful!

    Thanks for commenting on my post! I clicked over to your profile and was surprised to see that we live in the same area!

  8. Solar is so inviting! Especially in these winter months!


  9. I would chose violet. Purple is my fav! I went to a yoga class once at a local gym and really enjoyed it!


  10. I became their fan. I'll be back with the other entries.

  11. Now I am a follower on twitter. (greenhangershop)

  12. I follow your blog....phew...this is a workout, huh? :-)

  13. new fan on facebook...two more to go!


  15. I had a hard time deciding between seamist and infinity, but I think I like infinity. I don't think I have seen a dark mat like that before, but I think it might help improve focus and not be distracting in any way. I love yoga. My husband swears I have grown taller since starting it. I do think it has made a marked improvement in my posture!

  16. Seamist b/c it is very calming

  17. I would choose the Violet because that color relaxes me. Thanks!

  18. I follow AuroraeYoga on twitter.

  19. I tweeted.


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