Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Great Memories

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I just wanted to share a few photos. As I had mentioned before, my Grandma, June, was here and we took the 5 generation pictures. I was so glad that she was able to come and that we got some good photos! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the company and loving on Madelyn!<

I was also very excited for Bill to get here. I wanted him to try these new skin care products. He has very dry skin and it will even be so bad that when he scratches, it breaks the skin or he gets these red bumps all over. So, I wanted him to try the Skin Free skin care line.

Skin Free is all natural ingredients, no fragrance, no petroleum products or colorants. No testing on animals and is non-greasy and has no steriods. It is Pharmacist formulated and doctor recommend for people with delicate, sensitive and very dry skin.

We were sitting at the table and Bill was really scratching his arm. I asked him about it and told him I had the product for him to try. I ran to get the Skin Free Super Moisture Body Balm and put just a drop on his arm. He had it bleeding and it was very enflamed. It worked and stopped the itching and burning. My dad gave it a try on his dry hands as well. He thought it was greasy, not because it felt greasy, but because it was shiny on his hands. Bill was so excited when I told him that I had other products for him to try. I gave him the Skin Free Extra Moisturizing Soap and the After Shower Spritz. He was worried that it would smell girly, but I assured him it didn't! The next morning he used the products after showering. He really liked them and told me that I'd have to get some more for myself because these were going home with him! I did keep the Skin Free Niaouli Butter Stick for myself. I have very dry heels and this is doing the trick!

Be sure to check out the Skin Free line for yourself or someone you know that has skin problems. It really works, just ask Bill!!! Skin Free offers free shipping on orders over $25.


  1. What a GREAT five generation photo! how fun!


  2. I really like these products too----my heals are much happier!!!

  3. You have a lovely family! It's so nice when everyone can get together.

  4. Kathryn - thanks!! We had a good time. You and Mark have to come and see us soon. Even if it isn't the holidays!

    Sarah - I know what you mean. These are good products. I was so happy that they helped Bill!

    Alissa - thanks for your kind words. I think they are lovely too :)

  5. Great pictures - so glad you were able to get that 5 generation shot!

  6. Love your blog! In fact, I just gave you the Superior Scribbler award. Check it out: http://www.beamingbalance.com/2009/12/superiority-complex.html

  7. What a wonderful photo. It looks like you had a lovely holiday!

    Thank you for visiting my SITS day!


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