Monday, December 21, 2009

Crazy Days and kale krisps

I have so many things to get accomplished before the family arrives for Christmas! I am so excited to see them, but sooo far behind. I need to clean, cook, wrap and bake. I have to plan out the meals and get the food shopping done. Oh goodness, it seems a bit overwhelming to write it down like that. I know that it won't matter to my family if the house is a bit cluttered and the floor needs to be mopped, but I like things to be just so. We are watching Madelyn today and while she naps, I've been wrapping presents. Going to take Brian to physical Therapy, come home to workout with my friends and then get busy!

One thing that I have found is that I need to eat frequently to keep my energy levels up! I have found one of my new favorite treats -Kale Krisps! These are a unique treat and I love them. It may not be something you are used to eating, but oh so tasty! I LOVED the Maple Coconut and the Apple Nut. The Sesame and Creamy Garlic were also good. I have been snacking on these for a couple of weeks now and of course, I had to share them to see what everyone else thought. Chase really liked the garlic, Meredith didn't like any of them, Brian thought they tasted like seaweed. I think he was put off by the green. My workout buddies, Brian H, Jason and Kristi liked them all. They all agreed that the favorite was the maple coconut.

Kale Krisps are a great way to eat your greens!

Jungle Treats Kale Krisps were featured in the december issue of Shape Magazine (page 40!) They are coming out with a new flavor - Cheezy!! I think it might be a new favorite for me :)

Kale Krisps are vegan, kosher and gluten free. Order some today online, give them a try and know that this new and tasty snack is good for you!

What is your favorite way to eat your greens? Do you also feel that you need to eat smaller meals more often or are you the type of person that prefers to eat 3 meals per day with no snacks?


  1. I love garlic. B gets mad whenever I eat anything garlic...he says my breath reaks. I think it smells good:) hehe

  2. I love kale - gotta eat my dark leafy greens!!! :) Do you know the sodium content of these per serving? I'm going to have to go get some! I'm assuming Whole Foods might have them?)

  3. whoops! not in Texas :) i'll have to order some and try them... anything to get more greens in my diet!

  4. V - I love garlic too. I use it in just about everything! I think it smells good too. :)

    Valerie - here is the sodium content:

    maple coconut - 20 mg
    apple nut - 15 mg
    creamy garlic - 160 mg
    sesame - 210 mg

    I think you will have to order them online. It looked to me that they were only available on the East Coast stores!


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