Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reed's Ginger Ale

I love ginger ale! It is just too good. Reed's Inc. makes the BEST ginger ale!
Who is REED'S, Inc.?

REEDS, Inc. is making extraordinary beverages and confections using very old-fashioned, natural methods and wholesome, fresh ingredients. We are a growing family of passionate entrepreneurs who have developed food and drink, which in our opinion exceed any products within their categories in taste, quality and imagination, as we are certain you noticed by now!

Long before modern soft drinks existed, people brewed their own beverages. In the Caribbean, home brewed ginger beverages are a part of life. Reed’s brews six carbonated ginger combinations using only the finest ingredients. The six flavors are: Original Ginger, Extra Ginger, Premium Ginger, Raspberry Ginger, Cherry Ginger and Spiced Apple.

These award winning, top selling beverages are found internationally in gourmet and natural food stores. Reed’s passion for ginger comes from its incredible flavor and health giving properties. Ginger is traditionally used to improve digestion, cure motion and morning sickness and for general health. The latest research is showing ginger to be anti-cancer, to lower cholesterol, and in Europe it is used as an arthritis medicine.

Reed's love for ginger has expanded to creating some of the finest candy and ice creams ever. The ice cream flavors include Original Ginger, Chocolate Ginger, and Green Tea Ginger. So go to your local store and get a delicious dose of health giving ginger with Reed’s!

Back in the early log cabin days, the pioneers couldn't go to the store and buy soft drinks, they made their own. They didn't make them the way modern commercial soft drinks are made, even the so called natural ones. They brewed them in their kitchens, directly from roots, spices and fruits. These early soft drinks, besides being delicious, were also used as herbal tonics.

Reed's brews are delicious revivals of this lost brewing art. Each batch is hand crafted with pride, carefully brewed and aged like fine wine in small batches by our expert brewmasters. They choose only the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices and fruits. They won't let sugar, preservatives or artificial anything spoil Reed's natural taste.

Journey through our web site and experience our unique process, our variety of ginger brews, our international awards, the traditional health benefits of ginger, our Reed's Crystallized Ginger candy, and other information that will initiate you into the growing ginger culture that Reed's award winning beverages has spawned.

Currently, we make six flavors of Reed's Ginger Brew: Original, Extra, Premium, Raspberry, and Spiced Apple. Non-alcoholic, all are freshly brewed in a brewery using fresh ginger root, spices, and fruit juices. All of our beverages use filtered sparkling water.Other soft drinks use flavor crystals, chemicals, or other flavorings to maintain an inexpensive and consistent taste. That's why some "natural" drinks have no color! All the flavor and health benefits of Reed's brews are from the actual ingredients. The use of fresh ingredients leads to slight variations in both flavor and the heat of the ginger.

Reed's Original Ginger Brew was our first creation, and is a Jamaican recipe for homemade ginger ale using 17 grams of fresh ginger root, lemon, lime, honey, fructose, pineapple, herbs and spices.

Reed's Extra Ginger Brew is the same recipe, but has 26 grams of fresh ginger root for a stronger bite.

Reed's Premium Ginger Brew is the wholesome ingredients version of Reed's Original Ginger Brew, sweetened only with honey and pineapple juice.

Reeds Raspberry Ginger Brew is brewed from 17 grams of fresh ginger root, raspberry juice, and lime. It is 20% raspberry juice and sweetened with fruit juice and fructose.

Reed's Spiced Apple Brew uses 8 grams of fresh ginger root, the finest tart German apple juice, and such apple pie spices as cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Spiced Apple Brew is 50% apple juice and sweetened with fruit juice and fructose.

Reed's Cherry Ginger Brew Our newest addition to the Ginger Brew Family. Freshly brewed from: sparkling filtered water, fructose,22 grams of fresh ginger root, cherry juice from concentrate, and spices.

As soon as the box from Reed's arrived, we tore into it and drinks were snatched up quickly!! Cherry Ginger was the first to go and it was a BIG hit! I liked the Spiced Apple. Tasted a bit like apple pie in a glass - YUM!! The Raspberry Ginger was another favorite. The Extra Ginger made a VERY TASTY Dark and Stormy adult beverage.

Find a store near you and pick up some Reed's Inc. great tasting beverages today!


  1. I LOVE ginger ale...I will have to try some of this=)

  2. Oh, I'm a big fan! Ginger ale with a wee splash of lime...mmmm.

  3. I've never heard of Reed's, but it looks fantastic.

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  4. Love ginger ale, especially Jamaican Ginger Ale. And that concoction BH made Saturday night was realllly good. Thanks for sharing your stuff.

  5. Anon is me, hit the button to quick.

  6. Yum, sounds delish!
    Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Hi Dana!! I m so excited to have won!!!!! I am a insane runner so I can't wait to try this product!!!Oh, my e-mail is
    Again~Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  8. those would go over real well around here. I remember growing up that ginger ale was the only kind of soda my mom wanted to drink

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have NO IDEA how much I need some "real" gingerale lately. There's a store near me that carries it, too. Whew!

  10. Health beverage should be part of our diet to enhance our health and eliminate harmful degenerative conditions that our body may incur.
    The Right Place. The Right Time

  11. Don't order direct from company. Placed order 4 weeks ago. Twice was told order was in the mail but found out ginger is held up by FDA. Was told I would get credited, but nothing after several days. Email get returned undeliveralbe.

  12. Reed's Raspberry Ginger Ale is the singular most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. Utterly vile. Some of the other Reed's are good, but avoid this one. I warned you!


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