Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Great News!

I know that I talk about Shakeology quite a bit! I really do believe in this product! I just wanted to pass along the great news I got yesterday. My dad called to tell me that he had gone to his dr. He is now able to get off ALL his blood pressure medication since he has been using Shakeology daily for the last 3 months. This is HUGE!!!! I am so excited for him. His cholestrol is also down. All from just drinking one meal replacement shake every day.

Simplify nutrition with Shakeology. Each chocolate or greenberry shake contains protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to help you achieve optimal health, increase energy, become more regular, and lose weight. Choose Home Direct to get a 30-day supply delivered every month right to your door! This works out to be $4 per day. You would spend that much going through the drive-thru for a meal, or a speciality coffee at Starbucks. Why not spend your money wisely and get ALL the nutrients you need for the day. 23 vitamins and minerals.

Shakeology is like eating:

10 cups cauliflower
4 cups broccoli
4 cups mushroms
4 cups radishes
3 cups lettuce
1 cup peas
7 carrots
3 raw onions

My friend Jason, lost 12 lbs in one month using Shakeology! The only changes he made was to give up snacking and having the shake for breakfast daily.

Order on home direct and you get shipping and the Shakeology workouts for free!

If you have high blood pressure or know someone that does, or just want to have a healthy meal with all the nutrients you need in a day this is the product.

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  1. Wow Dana, that's fantastic news! I bet he was thrilled to be off his meds!

  2. Hey! Have you received your budy bugg yet? How's it going? I've been out a week so if you posted about it I'm still out of the loop!!


  3. Hey there. Thanks for coming by!

    I like the sound of this shakeology. When I am at my fittest I am usually having shakes in the morning for breakfast. I agree, it's so good for you. Lately though I have been bad but looking to get back into the swing. How does the shakeology compare to the shakes from, let's say, GNC? It sounds like there's more vitamins and minerals. Which is your fav, choc or greenberry? I may just do this.

  4. Great news about your dad, Dana! Has he made any other changes besides starting Shakeology?

  5. Jules - he was so exicted that he called me. That's big, he doesn't like to talk on the phone!! LOL!

    Kathryn - yes, I got my bodybug and I'm loving it! I did post about it a week or two ago! How was your trip?

    Live.Love.Eat - I LOVE the chocolate. It is so good and I really like it with 1/2 banana and 1 tsp natural peanut butter YUM! I have it every morning for breakfast. If you want more info - just email me:

    Kevin - my dad didn't do much else. He was trying to clean up his diet a little, but he is a big meat eater. I'm just so excited for him to get off the meds. He was also able to cut back on his cholestrol meds too! YEAH!!


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