Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mood Lifters and Cute Socks by Karen Neuburger

Lately I have found that I am in need of a mood lift. I think being home for sooo long and Brian's condition has affected my moods. I'm usually a pretty upbeat, happy and positive person. Lately, I'm tired all the time, mad or just plain ol' depressed. So, I'm looking around for ways to improve my mood.

MUSIC - putting on my ipod and dancing around the house always can make me happy. I love all kinds of music and will sing along with the best of them. This even seems to be improving Brian's mood LOL! He's laughing at me singing along with the ipod. Surely it isn't THAT bad???
EXERCISE - nothing make those endorphins raise like exercise. I've been doing the Insanity workouts with my workout buddies! The more I sweat, the better I feel

FAMILY/FRIENDS - being with my favorite people will raise my mood leaps and bounds. Having the kids over and taking care of Madelyn one day a week is helping. Going out with friends is also a great time! It's a nice break from the daily routine!!
CUTE SOCKS - I got these adorable socks and am really enjoying them. Karen Neuburger Pure Comfort socks are enriched with Aloe vera and Vitamin E. These have made my dry heels much better and they hold up well in the wash. The aloe vera and vitamin E will last for 20 washings. I've washed mine several times and they are still leaving my feet soft, but not greasy! This would be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas! $8 retail value! Cute socks are a true mood lifter! SUNSHINE - it seems that Brian and I missed most of the summer. Stuck in the hospital and then indoors during the best part of the summer. I love the hot weather, going to the lake and just enjoy being outdoors. Swimming, walking or biking, anything outdoors is good to my mood! Brian ordered me the HDvision sunglasses. I really like them too! Perfect for being outside in the sun! I hope that we have a mild winter (we have heard a wet, cold winter is in store for us UGH!) and little snow. COOKING/BAKING - I LOVE to cook and bake. I have been enjoying some great cookbooks lately. I just got Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet and really like all the recipes I have made so far. Rustic Pasta was amazing! I can't wait to make the peanut butter cups. These are just a few of my favorite mood lifters. What do you do to get in a better mood? Be sure to visit Karen Neuburger!!!


  1. Chocolate! It always makes me feel better. :)

    Stopped by from SITS.

  2. Chanda - thanks for stopping by. Chocolate is a GOOD mood lifter :)

  3. A long hot soak in the tub, filled to the top with bubbles. Light a few candles, add some favorite music, lay back and close my eyes. I can be transported just about anywhere.

  4. Thanks for sharing your mood lifters. What healthy and wonderful ways to keep your spirits high! Yes, those socks do look divine! My husband always says that if he ever "wins the lottery" his biggest splurge would be a new pair of socks every day for the rest of his life. There's just something about new socks!
    Jenn @

  5. I'm not sure what an insanity workout is but it sounds horrible!

  6. Love your blog! Stopping by from SITS.

  7. Jules - you are so right, a soak in the tub is just perfect. A good book added in is a nice treat!

    Jenn - my hubby says the same thing. I always laugh when he buys new socks - he buys a LOT!!

    Debbie - Insanity is a hard workout, but I LOVE it!

    fatmom23 - thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by, off to check out your site now!

  8. Love the pics of you and the family! A nice long nap always puts me in a good mood :D

  9. Fun post! I love all the photos. Ipod music is a definite mood lifter!



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