Thursday, October 1, 2009


Oh My Goodness!!!

I gave up dairy several years ago. I know that at times, probably eating out at restaurants, I get a little dairy in my diet, bur for the most part I avoid it at all costs. I was so excited to find Mimic Creme.

MimicCreme is a dairy substitute for cream. I have missed cream in soups and ice cream. Brian likes it in his coffee! I'm not a coffee fan, but I just bet it tastes divine!!

The MimicCreme Story: Rose Anne Jarrett, our company founder, couldn't believe it. She was pretty knowledgeable about food, having worked in the restaurant business and then later catering to professional musicians, but when doctor's orders called for eliminating dairy products from the family menus, she was unable to find a single substitute for cream that didn't ruin her favorite recipes, including those for ice cream and semifreddo.

She tried many different non-dairy substitutes (none of them approximating that consistency of cream.) Soy products. Rice products. All kinds of different grain products. All just inferior.

So, Rose Anne figured there was nothing else to do but create that perfect CREAM substitute herself.

And that's just what she did. By trying a series of combinations and permutations with a variety of ingredients she finally arrived at the right blend of flavor, taste and texture.

And thus, MimicCreme, the product, and our company, was born.

Since then, we've had the chance to share MimicCreme with the most demanding of chefs. They've tried it in their own favorite recipes. The conclusion has been unanimous – MimicCreme really does mimic the taste of real cream.

It's the product we've all been waiting for.

I've used the unsweetened in soups and sauces and the sweetened makes for VERY good ice "creme" and smoothies!
Be sure to try some today for a healthier alternative to regular cream! Find a store near you or order online.


  1. Stopping by from SITS. Glad you found something to replace some dairy in your diet. I live in Wisconsin and was raised on a dairy farm, don't think I could give up dairy...

  2. You are just whiz at finding these cool products. Thanks for sharing them with us. This is something I'll have to try. As you know, dairy products and I don't get along and I love them. I usually just bite the bullet and indulge anyway and end up paying for it later. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow, great idea! I'm always skeptical of imitation foods, though. How can one tell it doesn't have something worse than actual cream in it? For instance, phenylalanine in sugar substitutes is worse for you than just having real sugar.

    I hope my playing the devil's advocate hasn't gotten us off on the wrong foot! My blog is here if you'd like to visit:

    Happy Friday from the wonderful world of SITS!

  4. interesting - glad it still tastes nice and creamy

  5. I made the fatal mistake of ordering a dish with cream sauce body was not happy with me today. I never-ever order dishes with cream...what was I thinking? If only I had know about this product.

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have another member in our SITSerhood.

  6. the useful information you have here. I am always on the lookout for tips on fitness. I may be old; but I wanna stay young.

    Happy Sits Sharefest. :)

  7. Thanks for telling us about mimicreme. I've been drinking soymilk and eating soy ice cream (lactose intolerant). So I'm very happy to hear about a cream substitute. I'm anxious to try it in my favorite cream of brocolli soup. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.


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