Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can't a girl make up her mind?

I was told that it was hard to comment with the other layout, so I switched back to the old one, but I want it to be cleaner, so I got rid of a lot of the links, buttons etc on the sides.  I hope it will work better this way.  Besides, I like my little fit girl at the top!  I'm glad you are hanging in with me while I try to figure out what I want to do around here!

So, things are going along pretty good.  We are as rested as we can be, we have a bit of stress in our lives right now, so sleep is sometimes elusive.  I'm almost completely caught up on the laundry from our trip.  GEEZ, I didn't think we had that many clothes!!!  Office work is almost done, just have to pay the bills today and then I am done!

Workouts are going ok.  I am going to be starting Les Mills Pump when we get back from Houston.  I am really looking forward to it.  I did the Step workout yesterday and I really think I am going to LOVE this workout.  Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire has always been my "soul mate" workout, but I may have found a new one.....  I'll keep you posted.

 I am still wearing my fitbit ( which I absolutely LOVE) and working on getting my steps in everyday.  My goal is 10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs every day.  When we were on vacation our goal was 20,000 steps.  We walked everywhere.  In fact, in 12 days, we walked 80 miles.  That is pretty darned good if you ask me!  Our feet were pretty tired at the end of each day!

The kids all came over for a Cajun feast on Sunday.  I made a vegan etouffee, beans and rice and we had Key Lime pie for dessert.  We brought that pie back from Key West, we weren't sure it was going to make it, but it did and it was quite yummy!

As soon as we get back, I have a couple of cookbooks to review and that will mean new recipes to try!  YAY!  I love that!  Hope you will be looking forward to it as well, it's been a while since I've posted some new recipes!

Rawesomely Vegan!  The Ultimate Raw Vegan Recipe Book by Mike Snyder and Easy Vegan Meals by SparkPeople by Stepfanie Romine.

Excited to check these out!

We have a pretty good challenge for the day today on my Missouri Fit Club facebook group page.  If you want to play along here it is:

Tuesday Tens! Workout for at least 30 mins. Then add in 10 of the following:
crunches or situps
jumping jacks
mountain climbers
bicep curls with at least 5 lbs.

Do this twice or if you are really crazy - 10 times!!!! 
We are pushing strong for the end of the month!
Let me know if the commenting is working properly again.