Monday, February 20, 2012

Beautiful day from start to finish

We are on vacation.  In Paradise!  I'm so glad the kids are housesitting and taking care of our business for us so that we could be in paradise!  Thanks guys, I'll get you a t-shirt or something....

How about this for a start to your morning, how could this not make you happy?

Good Morning!

Then we have been busy exploring the island and having so much fun. We have walked and walked and walked.....  9 miles yesterday.

 We went and walked at Smathers Beach

 Had some fresh coconut water - YUM!  So refreshing....

 Lunch at Hog's Breath Saloon - can't miss that!  Had ceviche - it was delish!

Watched the sunset at the top of La Concha.  Absolutely stunning.  The crowd applauded.  Perfect show!

Off to see what today brings, we are having a bit of a lazy morning today.  That's okay, my feet and shins are still tired from yesterday.  :) 

Enjoy your day!