Monday, May 24, 2010

Fit Club Monday - Turbo Fire

Fit Club Monday is here again!  I had a great weekend and now I am ready to get back to my workout routine.  I do workout on the weekends, but it is not the same as my weekly workouts.  I may walk with hubby, do a DVD, or yoga.   I do get a lot more cleaning and working in the yard done on the weekends as well, and yes, that counts too! And, 1 day of the weekend is a rest day.  No formal workout at all.  I really believe that our bodies need a rest day every week.  I know that I ask a lot of my body throughout the week, so one day off is a good thing.  It allows the body to recover and repair.

We had a blast at the lake!  The kids came down with Madelyn and she had her first boat ride.  She wasn't very impressed either!  but she looked adorable in her bathing suit!

This week's featured Fit Club Monday workout:

Turbo Fire!

Turbo Fire will be available sometime in June, but One on One subscribers got a sneak peek video.  15 mins of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  I have done this workout twice now and I can not wait for the full product to come out!  If you want to know when this is available, be sure to sign up here for the email notification!  Beachbody will send you an email when you can log on and purchase it!

Fit Club Monday Recipe:

I am so addicted to grilled hummus and vegan cheese sandwiches right now!

So easy to make and soooo yummy!

2 slices of whole wheat bread ( Make sure it is 100% w w)
 hummus ( I LOVE Sabra hummus or you can make your own)
vegan cheese ( or regular cheese if you eat dairy products)  ( I love the new Daiya cheese!!!)
Earth balance ( soy butter alternative)

in a skillet over med heat, melt earth balance (about 1 tbsp), spread hummus on both slices of bread, sprinkle vegan cheese on top, put bread together and place in pan to cook just like a grilled cheese.Brown to your liking and enjoy!


add a slice of tofurkey, lightlife soy pepperoni or grilled veggies!  YUMMY!!!

How did everyone do with your Friday Challenge?  I got mine done: