Saturday, April 3, 2010

slim and shake update

I am on day 3 of the Challenge and I think I'll do my weekly updates on Saturdays! Why not , right?

Just to catch you up if you missed the challenge details. I am doing a Slim and Shake Challenge for April. I'm going to be doing a challenge each month. You are always welcome to join in. The Slim and Shake Challenge consists of Slim in 6 workouts ( I am adding these to my P90X rotation) and Shakeology. 30 days. Workout 6 days per week, 1 rest/stretch day and Shakeology for at least 1 meal per day. Pretty simple, but oh so effective. I really believe that there is no better workout for women than Slim in 6. Debbie Siebers really knows her stuff. Slim in 6 works the lower body like no other. I was planning on doing the Shake cleanse for the first 3 days, but after this week, it just didn't happen. So, I'll do the Shake cleanse after I get back from my trip next week. Plan B in action.

Day 1 - I took my measurements and weight and before photos. Not thrilled, but I have a starting point. Workout was Ramp it up from Slim in 6 and a 1 mile walk outside with Brian.

Food Journal -

b - shakeology (chocolate mixed with water and ice)

s - banana

l - potato salad, baked beans, pickle

s - shakeology (chocolate mixed with water and frozen strawberries) 1/2 tropical fruit Larabar

d - caeser-ish salad w blackened shrimp (5)

Water - 64 oz.

I've decided that I will eat some fish and eggs throughout this challenge. I'm going to see how my body reacts and go with it.

Day 2 -

workout - Start it up, Chest Shoulders and Tris, 200 crunches

Food Journal

b - shakeology (chocolate mixed with soy milk and ice)

s - none

l - big salad with peppers, tomato, onion, avocado and tomato vinagrette and veggie enchilada

s - hummus and pepper strips and Sunny Hemp granola bar

d - chips and salsa, veggies and refried beans

Water - 52 oz

Today is Day 3 and I've had my shakeology for breakfast so far. My workout is supposed to be Legs and Back, but the guys were griping last night and I'm not sure what we'll do this morning.

I am walking with Brian when the weather allows it. He needs to get back to some type of exercise routine and walking is all he can do for now.

Ok, this is a little different post for me. Let me know what you think. Do you want to see the details or would you rather just have the beginning and end?

Feel free to jump in on the challenge with me at any time. I'm always up for some company. You can do whatever workout you want and use Shakeology or even your own meal replacement shake, although I can't recommend Shakeology enough. Remember, I'm happy to send you a sample.

Discussion: Do you like to challenge yourself each month? Do you focus on a certain body part or work on your body as a whole? Are you keeping a food journal? Anyone jonesing for an ipad? Oh, I'm just full of questions!