Friday, April 23, 2010


Good Morning!  Yay for Friday!

Today's Friday Challenge is a good one!  Go meatless!  You can choose how long you go meatless for:  1 meal, 2 meals, or all day!

I eat a mostly vegetarian diet with no dairy (except for the whey protein isolate that is in my Shakeology) on a daily basis.  As soon as they come out with the vegan version of Shakeology, I'll be switching over to it and will not have ANY dairy!  (Note to Beachbody:  ANYTIME would be fine!)  When I changed my diet, I lost weight, I had a dramatic change in my health, no more headaches, no more stomach aches, and my skin cleared up.  WOW!

So, choose which option you will do - I really do encourage you to challenge yourself and not eat any meat at all today ( or if it is too late - tomorrow!)

So, what do you eat?  There are LOTS of options - fruit smoothie or shakeology for breakfast, veggie pasta salad with a nice crusty bread for lunch, beans and rice for dinner?  Soup, a big ol' salad,  I could go on and on.

There are many vegetarian cookbooks out there.  A few of my favorites:

Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet

Dreena Burton - Eat Drink and be Vegan

Isa Chandra Moskowitz - Vegan with a Vengenance

Here is my favorite beans and rice recipe!  You can even use canned beans, just make sure to drain and rinse.

beans of your choice ( black, pinto, adzuki, or a combo of all are some of my faves)
brown rice ( or quinoa, millet, or a combo of all)

Put these in your bowl and on top:

add chopped mango, salsa, avocado,red onion, cilantro and hot pepper sauce.  I also like vegannaise on top.  YUM!  I may have to have this for lunch now.  Sounds so good!  Let me know if you try it!  I'll get a photo of it today and add it.  It's a pretty dish!

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