Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting back on track

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had been struggling with my workouts and diet. I've let sugar back into my life, I'm not eating enough vegetables and fruit, I'm not journaling like I know I should be and I'm just not moving enough. I'm spending way too much time on the computer ( a little addicted maybe?????), I've been watching more TV and just not having a great attitude about myself.

It always amazes me how our self-talk can really impact how we act. If I have a lot of negative self-talk, I tend to let things slide that I normally wouldn't.

The reason that I am talking about all this is that someone told me that it is easy for me to stay in shape, eat healthy and be happy. It's not. Really, it's all about each decision we make every single moment. Do I want to eat that cookie or do I want to eat a piece of fruit? Do I want to go for a walk or do I want to sit on the couch and watch the repeat of the Real Housewives of New York City that I have already seen?

So, in the moment, I am going to ask myself: What can I do that is the better choice? I'm really trying to get back on track and do the right things. I know what they are, I'm just not always doing them.

I'm going to the Beachbody Coaches summit at the end of this month. I really want to look my best and it is going to take quite a bit of work on my part to accomplish this!

I've been playing with my food choices thinking that I need to eat a certain way to get the results I want. I really know what works for my body and that is what I am going to do. Mostly fruit and veggies and whole grains with eggs and fish occasionally. Avoid processed foods and sugar. So, I'm going back to basics. Food combining works for me, so I'll food combine. It's so much easier when you don't eat animal products.

Food combining is eating your foods a certain way. You don't mix your animal proteins with carbs. Eat your fruit alone. I will do a whole post on food combining if there is interest - leave me a comment if you want to know more. I learned about food combining from Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover. Great book, highly recommend it!

Last night I watched the Biggest Loser. I love this show. It's so inspiring and I know just how hard these people are working. I would love this opportunity to work with Jillian and Bob. Can you just imagine how fun that would be?

Jillian Michaels is on the cover of Success magazine. Check out the article here. She certainly has branded herself and is a huge success.

“When you take control of your physical health, it transcends. When you’re feeling strong physically, it transcends into your personal and your professional life. It transcends into every aspect of your life. And that’s why when you take control of yourself, ultimately you can determine the outcome of any situation in your favor, because you’ll never control the other person. You’ll never control the outside world. But when you control your reactions and emotions, then you control your destiny—and that is the key to being happy and being healthy in every facet of your reality.” Jillian Michaels

I am looking forward to her new show, Losing It with Jillian . The show comes out this summer. Are you going to watch?

Discussion: how do you get yourself back on track? Do you find shows like Biggest Loser to be inspirational and help you to stay on track? Are you making the right decisions?