Thursday, February 18, 2010

workout song of the day!

I don't know about you, but music always makes me happy. Music makes me want to get up and move. Today I am focusing on movement. I want to move more and that means, not as much time on the computer (GASP!!!), watching TV (OH NO!!) or just being lazy (I'M IN BIG TROUBLE!). I've even decided that I will walk on the treadmill when I read. I can accomplish movement with one of my favorite things to do!

I decided to add a music player to the blog and I'll be posting a song of the day! I was going to do one per week, but I love music so much that I know I'll be able to pick a favorite song every day. These will be songs that make me move. My wish is that you will listen to the song and get up and dance around! Call in the kids, the neighbors, the pets, let's all get moving today! Just let go and have fun. You will burn a few calories, lift your spirit and probably laugh a lot! I hope it just inspires you to move!

I know that this is what Brian and I look like dancing, now don't laugh too hard.....

I hope this isn't the type of dancing you do??????!!!!!! Ok, more power to you if you do!

If you have a favorite song that you would like featured, just drop me a note here or send me an email. I'll put it on!

What is YOUR favorite type of music to get you moving?


  1. My boys and I dance dance dance. I love music, any kind..well, not so much a fan of heavy heavy metal or hardcore rap...but sometimes if the mood is right I'll listen.
    Music has always been a huge part of what motivates me.
    Music is what got me across the finish line of my first 5k last August!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...nice to meet ya!

  2. Anything with a good beat.
    I love to listen to music, its something we need to do more at my house.
    If only I had an ipod, lol!

  3. I like to dance for fitness too.
    Stopping by from SITS!
    Please stop by!

  4. The songs I listen to a lot right now are Bad Romance and Single Ladies. I also love the Need You Tonight by Lady Antebellum!

  5. I love those songs too! After dinner, we all head down to the basement, crank up the tunes, and dance! The boys love to dance and it keeps me moving too! One of my fave songs to workout to is Kelly Clarkson's Since You Been Gone! Always gets me moving faster!

  6. found you via Mighty M... great post...LOVE Dancing with the Stars...
    Also I agree...MUSIC is key to helping the workouts. Addicted to the Ipod to run...jam in aerobics class...and we have "dance party" during the kids "witching hour" around 5ish before dinner. (almost 2 and 4 yr boys)
    It ALWAYS helps release stress and makes everyone smile.
    Classic request...EYE of the TIGER!

  7. Good morning stopping by from SITS
    Have a great day


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