Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautify yourself and the Planet!

I have done several reviews for Paris Presents line of Eco-Tools. I truly love these products and can not say enough good things about them. Today I shot a quick video showcasing some of the newest make-up brushes.

The Bronzer Brush ($9.99) Super soft and supple and designed fo easy and proper application of bronzer on the face and neck.

The 6 Piece Eye Brush set ($7.99) contains some great travel size brushes in a natural hemp and cotton case, perfect for travel or in your handbag for on-the-go touch ups!

Be sure to check out my vlog review ( had to tape myself, sorry for all the shakiness!!) I'll get the hang of this soon!

Check out Eco-Tools on facebook! You find these great products at Walgreens or Target.


  1. I love cosmetic brushes, they feel so good against your face. Plus, they are much kinder to our faces than sponges or even worse our fingers. We girls need all the help we can get to combat the aging process.

  2. I've been so wanting to try Eco-Tools!

  3. I've never tried them - I don't think I've heard of them actually. I've got some old brushes that don't feel all that good so....hmmmm...

    Good info!

    Stopping by from Harriets comment challenge,

  4. These are GREAT brushes; I bought a set for my mom a few years ago, actually. They are very similar to Aveda brushes, but not when it comes to price! If I hadn't been given my Aveda brush set (perish the thought!), I'd have stocked up on these. :)


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