Wednesday, February 10, 2010

an award!

Lady V over at A Little Bit of This was kind enough to pass this award on to me! I'm so flattered. Thank you very much Lady V!!!! Be sure to check out her blog, she's really cute and funny!

10 Things that Make Me Happy!

1. Being married to the man I love and being able to call him my best friend.

2. My kids - they are just the best and always keep me on my toes

3. Miss Madelyn. She can just brighten up even the worst day!

4. Good friends that like to read what I have to say! Thank you to each and every one of you!

5. Warm weather - I don't like to be cold!

6. Working out - I know it's weird, but that is how I roll!

7. My job - I love being able to help other people get healthy and fit!

8. The beach - I can't wait until I can move to the beach and be there all the time.

9. A great meal with all the family around. - Nothing better!!!

10. a good book, right now I am reading several - finishing up Eat That Frog (time management), The Heretic Queen ( for pleasure), Grooming the Next Generation (great for sharing with my kids), and last but not least The Kind Diet (cookbook)

In the spirit of the over the top blog award, I need to pass this along to 5 people that I think are deserving!

Thank you so much for this great award!!! Hope I can live up to the name!

Tomorrow I'll have a cool giveaway and review of a personal blender, be sure to check back!!


  1. Thanks so much for the award! I really appreciate it. I love your #6, I feel the same way! Some people think we are crazy for that!

  2. The Kind Diet...isn't that the book Alicia Silverstone was talking about on Oprah? I keep meaning to add it to my list.

  3. Thank you! 10 things that make me happy? Hmm..something to think about.

    I've grown to love working out too. I get cranky when I don't.

  4. I love reading your blog! I love a good book as well! Anything by Mitch Albom is great!

  5. looks like you've got lots to be happy for - congrats on your new blog bling :-)

  6. You are right, some people think it is crazy that working out makes us happy!

    Karen- yes, The Kind Diet is by Alicia Silverstone and I LOVE it!

  7. Congrats on the award!!!! I love family dinners too! :)

  8. Congrats on ur award! How is hte Heretic Queen?? I need a good book these days. I myself love the feeling I GET from working out but the act of.... is a chore. How do I learn to love it like u?!

  9. aw shucks. thanks dana! I really appreciate the award and love all your answers. Working out makes me happy too! when I can do it :(



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